It’s what others say about our work that really counts.

Always been a fan of @parrot9design work, one of the best out there, not only in crypto.


We love PARROT9 and their work is the best of any marketing + design team in the industry.

Lydia Labs

This has got to be the easiest, user friendly application I’ve ever had in cryptocurrency. Seriously.

It’s like watching the internet evolve.


Outstanding design work as usual from the @parrot9design team.


I think I have never seen a website with such a slick design and information quality and flow. Big, BIG respect to @parrot9design


Show me a better crypto website than this one *hint - you can’t.


@parrot9design kicks so much ass! Fantastic design guys!


@BalancedDAO is probably the best DeFi product l’ve experienced so far.


Been using Maker/Oasis for a couple years and @BalancedDAO UX is in a league of it’s own.


I’m not gonna lie, even $UNI feels clunky compared to @BalancedDAO


Something about the way @BalancedDAO is built makes you want to check in at least daily. It’s really engaging.


This was the BEST written clue I have read on any coin. A short, informative, understandable and perfect text that everyone in CS must read. I have believed in $ICX since day one and now I am more convinced that they are on the right path. @parrot9design you have my deep respect.


I’ve used almost everything on ETH, SOL, and Terra, and nothing beats Balanced in terms of UX.


Ok I NEVER tried DeFi Before, @BalancedDAO is absolutely INSANE. Try it. Adopt it. Love it.


The website is clean, crisp and clear, well done!


Love the work @parrot9design did on this! So detailed and yet so easy to read, what a beauty.


Really nice clean design. I like it.


Looks fantastic. Was fun walking though your design process as well.


Look at this fire website design.


It’s so beautiful!


Stunning experience, nice job.


Fantastic work, looks awesome on mobile, zero jargon, straight-to-business attitude, loads fast, great graphics!


Beautiful website, fantastic job @parrot9design


Great work, really loving the design.


Great work by @parrot9design, as usual, straight fire.


Love your guys work, really incredible design and one of the best looking Dapps in crypto. I hope when the day of ICON arrives you all get the recognition you deserve.


This webpage on $bnUSD is a thing of beauty. Educational and visually stunning. In my opinion, regardless of which other ICON native stable coins join the eco-system, bnUSD will be the #1 in the short, medium and long term.


Wow... this is a seriously fantastic visual representation!!!


UI (user interface) is amazing. It is easy to monitor your loan and your collateral just in one place.


I have been using many similar projects on different blockchains and Balanced is by far the one with the best user interface.


Love the design so much, easy to read and understand, interesting and modern enough for the Crypto environment. Well-done trying multiple attempt to explain Balanced in a short page! Hardwork it is.


Cant wait for @BalancedDAO to integrate with @BinanceChain so i dont have to use shit @PancakeSwap anymore. UX is everything.


Have to say, @BalancedDAO & @ommfinance are some of the cleanest, functional #DEFI products I’ve used. Both have become a tool in my daily life. Wait till the flood gates start opening to more ecosystems.


Guys I have no words... This is awesome!


Dude the UI is so amazingly crafted yet very simple to understand. They get it and more will go to @BalancedDAO for Defi. Bank on it 🤑


@BalancedDAO Has cured my UniSwap PTSD. Such a pleasure to use.


@BalancedDAO and @ommfinance are two of the most beautiful Dapps I have ever seen ! Clean design and smooth UX, they should be at top for real.


This is unbelievably brilliant work team. Stands out from the crowd in a big way. Now to drive numbers to the site... once they are there you can’t help but be engrossed. Well done!


For some reason I get an apple-ish vibe from the design of the platform. As apple designs are considered one of the best as it is their job to visually appeal to the consumer. I think the design team did a really good job.


I mean come on @BalancedDAO & @ommfinance, look how F****** fantastic both of these user interfaces are, they look so amazing, futuristic, simplistic, sleek and sexy! Well done who ever was behind these design ideas💥💥💥


Fast transactions, slick UI, easy to use. One of the best DeFi platforms on any blockchain project.


Loved it from the first day. UI is unmatched, it was my first time using a DeFi platform and everything was just so easy to do. Would recommend to everyone.


The UI is stunning and its one of the most user friendly DeFi app I’ve ever used. You can earn some really good yields too. Definitely would recommend Omm whether it be to beginners or more experienced DeFi users


Got to love Omm!! Open Money Market on ICON Blockchain. It is well designed and could be anybody’s first step into Decentralized Finance


Excellent Defi app for making the most out of your money. UX design is the absolute best out there, easy to use and understand.

Pete Young

Omm is a perfect start for anyone who will find other dapps intimidating. Share it with your friends who are new at crypto. It is easy to supply and borrow assets and also understand the consequence of investments. The UI is professional and clear.


Balanced’s simplicity, ease of use, stunning interface, and high yield have made it my one and only DeFi platform. I was initially hesitant to use other DeFi services because they seemed complicated and I didn’t feel competent to use them effectively.

After finding Balanced, I’ve been able to take out loans, supply liquidity, and earn staking rewards at the same time, easily and confidently. I’ll never use anything else

Ettienne Nel